Project team: Monica Cîrstea, Mihaela Buzilă
Location: Argeș, Băbana, Ciobănești
Year: 2019

On a site situated in the hilly region of Argeș, near Pitești, the client wanted a small house to live in after retirement. In the design process, the main factors were the steep slope of the terrain, as well as economical and sustainability aspects.

The house is divided in two zones, different both in plan and volume. The day area is directly related to the orchard, the garden and the hilly landscape through large windows and open space. The night area is oriented to the street, reminescence of the guest room of the traditional houses.

The house enhances the terrain slope through the plan shape and a 1.87 m level difference between the day and night areas. Using an oblique wall, parallel to the street, the house is efficient in using the low slope area,while keeping a 1.32 m distance from the fence, for walking and small plants.

The house orientation values the solar light, the main spaces being oriented to the east, south and west. The roofed terrace, south-oriented, keeps the role of the traditional veranda, offering shading in summer. The window disposition makes the natural ventilation possible in the whole house. The south roof slope is bigger in surface than the north one, able to support solar panels. A technical room was designed for the necessary equipment and installations.

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