Guest house in Argeș – interior design

Project team: Monica Cîrstea, Camelia Müller
Location: Negreni, Dărmănești, Argeș county
Year: 2022

The guest house is located in a quiet hilly region of Argeș county, near Mioveni. It features 4 rooms with private bathroom, large common spaces (living room, dining, kitchen) and technical rooms.

The design concept is based on the architectural style of the building, which resembles mediteranean villas. We took into consideration, as well, the multifunctional use of the guest house, suitable for different possible guests: families, groups of friends, workmates and even children in extra-curricular activities.

As a result, together with our clients, we wished to create a relaxing atmosphere, with confort and warm color harmony blending with refined details. We largely used beige and brown shades, and as textures, dark wood contrasts well with natural stone flooring and wall coverings (travertine). The rooms maintain the same unitary style of the common spaces, a sublte difference being sensed in wallpapers placed on the accent wall and the visual game of mirrors, which make the accomodation units appear more spacious.

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